Media: the United States decided to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies

the U.S. is preparing to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. On may 22, the American President Donald trump will announce an official decision, reports The New York Times, citing sources in the administration.

According to media reports, Washington calls the cause of repeated violations of the terms of the agreement with Russia. “No longer in America’s interest to remain part of the open skies Treaty,” — said the representative of the administration trump, quoted by Reuters. The identity of the official was not disclosed.

it is possible that the trump does not intend to renew the Agreement between Russia and the USA on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start-3), expiring in 2021, marks RIA “news”.

the Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992. In recent years, the United States and Russia have repeatedly accused each other of violations of the agreement.

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