They ply the roads for nearly forty years, and yet, each of their concerts is event. Metallica, one of heavy metal bands the most famous of the planet, was back this Sunday at the Stade de France for the launch of her world tour WorldWire 2019 . Before hearing the riffs of James hetfield didn and Kirk Hammet, the public had the right to the first two parts. The young Norwegian Bokassa, almost lost on the huge stage, tried to wake up a stadium half-filled the last hours of the afternoon, before leaving place to another nordic group, a little more famous. Abba? No, Ghost! Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls have once more shown that the rock nordic had a lot of talent. We regret, however, the brevity of their performance, but also the fact that the light of the day does not allow to fully appreciate their spectacular staging.

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It is 21 o’clock when finally resound in the stadium black of world the first notes of the famous Ecstasy of Gold Enio Morricone, the soundtrack of the Good, the bad and the Ugly , which introduced since 1983, the concerts of Metallica. The band of James hetfield didn penetrates on the huge stage to start Hardwired preview of their new album. The “Four Horsemen”, or the four horsemen of the apocalypse, as they are nicknamed, will alternate between new and classic: Ride The Lightning , Follow The God That Failed , very rarely played live, and, of course, The Unforgiven . A the beginning of the concert a bit too soft for fans of heavy metal who came in numbers to receive their dose of decibels and riffs saturated.

“What my mouth” sauce metal Metallica on stage at the Stade de France. Loïc Chaslin

The group then follows with two pieces from their latest album, released in 2016: Here Comes Revenge and especially Moth Into the Flame . But it is with the hymn Sad but True that the public has already been acquired, the group gives voice. James hetfield didn harangue the crowd – “the family” – and declares her love to Paris. And then vanishes to let the mic to bassist Robert Trujillo and the bass player, Kirk Hammet, who sang a duet with a surprising cover of What is my mouth , Johnny Hallyday. The public, we are in doubt, hastens to resume the chorus by heart. Metallica is customary for this kind of jokes: to each tour in france, the group enjoys the singing in the language of Molière, taking up in turn of Joe Dassin or the Trust.

On Twitter, the widow of the Taulier thanked Metallica for this recovery, praising a performance that gave him the “tears in the eyes”. “Thank You Metallica! He must be so proud of you!”, wrote Laeticia Hallyday.

After this interlude francophile, the american group starts again, alternating cleverly between the tubes of history ( Master of Puppets , Creaping Death ) and new ( Spite the Out the Bone ) to keep the audience in tension. The concert ends with the inevitable Enter Sadman . The public is delighted, even though the group seemed to be somewhat tired this evening. One can also reproach him for having left it a little too much space in the Black Album , old some 28 years, to the detriment of titles, the most recent. But, to see the air delighted the fans who sing, as if it was yesterday, Nothing Else Matters , we can give them totally wrong.