Prepare the yellow parts. To return from injury (he had a throat infection), Sting was of passage in France in Lyon on July 17 to play on the stage of les Nuits de Fourvière. And more exactly in the metro of the capital of the Gauls. The former leader of the Police has recovered Gims, to turn the clip of Rest e, , the title of the new edition of Black Belt , the latest album of the ex-Sexion assault.

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Rather than the ancient Theatre or the Place Bellecour, they have chosen to invest in the line D of the subway of lyon. Under the earth, they are not alone, as a twenty dancers are dancing on the notes of this love song to a flatness abyssal. “And if ever I am going, But thou shalt go where-where-where ever I go? / Me would make eh-eh-eh if ever you were leaving / But thou shalt go where-where-where ever I go? / Me would make eh-eh-eh if you ever went to”. So much for the words lééééniiifiiiantes. As for the video signed by Stéphane Bohée, she opts for a cold aesthetic and urban. It is necessary well to justify the choice of the subway.

then Comes Sting, shoulder bag, fashion adventurer. But it just where-where-where? We note in passing the little discrete advertising placements for the real estate agency Citya and the promotion to go for a Lyon-Marrakech with the airline Royal Air Maroc, kingdom of morocco, where now lives Gims.

Gims gives the impulse to his troupe of dancers, who seem, like us, find a rhythm on which to eventually build.

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This duo was formed at the end of 2018 in a register slightly different from the clip of Gotta Get Back My Baby in the company of Shaggy. “I love her voice, I find that she has something unique. It is both african and emits a sound of opera, a power such as Pavarotti,” said without laughing Sting about his buddy from the subway. That made her a return of the compliment, without laughing: “For me, it’s like a dream. I’m glad because it’s going to stay, it is installed, I sang with Sting.”

Sting should also be present on the 28th of September at the Stade de France for the concert event of Gims. The rapper he has great escape Sunday, August 25. Then he had rented a boat with friends near Bonifacio, the boat caught fire, no casualties fortunately. We don’t say as much for our ears after listening to Rest , with a change of train…

GIMS & Sting – Rest