“You can’t say that it is racist. Ever.” Michelle Rodriguez is categorical when it takes the defence of Liam Neeson, in turmoil since his statements on his old murderous impulses. “Racists do not embrace the race they dislike, especially the way he does with his tongue”, said to Vanity Fair the actor Widows. , And Liam Neeson, testifies that she was not pretending when he kissed the actress black Viola Davis in the movie Steeve McQueen.

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In the promotion campaign of his new film, in cold Blood, Liam Neeson has told of Monday, the daily The Independent how he had been seized by the urge to “kill” a “Black bastard” to avenge a close raped. A feeling, he explained, of which he is ashamed today. Despite the mea culpa from the british actor, the crew of the movie from Hans Petter Moland has been deprived of the red carpet for the premiere in New York on Tuesday evening.

in Addition to the support of his former partner Michelle Rodriguez, the actor has been defended by Whoopi Goldberg. On the set of The View , the actress has claimed that the star of Taken was not someone “full of hatred”. “People wander sometimes with rabies. This is what happened. Is it filled with hatred? No. I know him since some time, I think that I’d realized. I have been surrounded by a lot of really hateful”, she commented. The heroine of Sister Act continues in its momentum, stating that’it is not surprising that we can be angry and seek revenge when someone you love has suffered an attack”.

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With the rise in the niche of several personalities, the controversy will not die down anytime soon. The actor from Brooklyn Nine-Nine Terry Crew tweeted on Tuesday that “every person on Earth is capable of the best as of the worst.” “Liam explains just how he has been torn”, he adds. Asked to explain, the former football player said on his account that he was not looking to take the defence of Liam Neeson, but to explain the facts. “It has simply revealed how was born a white supremacist. The most serious are those that act but do not admit it ever,” he says.

others are less forgiving. When asked by TMZ, the actress and host of The View Sherri Shepherd has claimed that Liam Neeson would have had to keep this story for him.” “Kiss of a black woman”, as told to Michelle Rodriguez, does not justify what he has expressed publicly on it.