Missed the mood morose cru’s 2018, when the Cannes film Festival was looking for obviously a second breath. Between French films disappointing, a u.s. contingent slashing, represented by Spike Lee, a competition purring barely shaken by the shock wave of #MeToo and the shadow of Netflix, the runaways film were few in number: Cold War , A family affair (golden palm), Dogman… A year later, it is the opposite. Not a day goes by without a potential contender to the palme d’or emerges. The predictions become more and more difficult to establish. And even as the enfant terrible of the Croisette, Quentin Tarantino, has not yet unveiled its appetizing Once Upon A Time in Hollywood , which brings together Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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In Figaro the heart of our critical balance. After the “camera with an air of nonchalance and humor that soft” film opening zombies of The Dead Don’t Die of Jim Jarmusch, who has divided up the writing and not impressed with the fellow English speakers, is come very quickly the first shock of the festival, Les Misérables . The virtuosity and the documentary approach of the misery of the suburbs of Ladj Ly, of which this is the first feature-length film, earned him unanimously. Stephen to Sorin predicts that Ladj Ly do “will not remain unrecognized” for a long time and Éric Neuhoff, his colleague, said his admiration for the director who “shows the authority of the old veteran,” showing naked cops, bastards, thugs and imams. The american journalists are participating in this chorus of praise. The Hollywood Reporter salutes “a vibrant partition”, Variety evokes a Spike Lee tricolor “in his energy-formal and feverish on the ground”.

Another newcomer to the race for the palme d’or to seduce, the filmmaker, chinese, award-winning at Berlin, Diao Yinan for The Lake where wild geese . His drama proves that the polar is not dead and that it is worth all the sociological surveys to dissect a country, a society. It would be well to walk away with the prix de la mise en scene. Ditto for the polar Romanian Piping by Corneliu Porumboiu. As to the village’s baroque Bacurau, these mysterious killers, we were intrigued. The radicality of the duo Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles “is without doubt a response to the political context of Brazil and everywhere else in the world where fascism is advancing”. The feature-length film confirms that the genre, as a reflection of the horror of the modern world”, is doing well this year in Cannes.

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Céline Sciamma, vying with Portrait of the girl on fire on the attraction forbidden between a painter and his model in the Britain of the Eighteenth century, hits the minds and brings together a formidable duo of actresses. Le Figaro salutes the performance of Noémie Merlant, but regrets “hugs agreed” and one that is too wise. On his side, The World salutes, “a film whose aesthetic surgery, which combines classicism, romanticism and modernity, is necessary as far as the comments that he leads”. On Instagram, the filmmaker Xavier Dolan himself even declared his flame, and greet a wonderful work!

Loach, Malick and Almodovar at the peak of their art

Ken Loach and Pedro Almodovar, the regulars of the Croisette, too, have received a lot of praise. With the portrait of a family stuck by the ubérisation of the work Sorry we missed you , director English language created, note Le Figaro , “a thudding, relentless, which leads to the inevitable and makes you forget that it is in the movies”. If he dreamed of a third palme d’or, never seen before, he would be back in the story… Just like the Dardenne brothers, whose The Young Ahmed, chronic equally relentless radicalization islamist has also scored a lot of points on the Croisette.

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Our service cinema is also under the spell of Pain and Glory , introspection of Pedro Almodovar and believes that the film “may claim the palm.” Well, this is its author never had in spite of his impressive filmography! His lead actor Antonio Banderas who is engaged as never before, is also a prize for interpretation in the power. But our list dreamed would also make a great place to A hidden life which, as we say, remains with Les Misérables , ranked first among the journalists of the Figaro .

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With this film, Terrence Malick has made a comeback thanks, almost a decade after the elegiac and webbed Tree of Life . Portrait of a peasant by the austrian conscientious objector in the face of the nazis, A hidden life, is a love story. “We want to put a capital letter to the last word. From the outset, one is struck by the scale of landscapes, these high mountains, these streams at peak, these verdant meadows. Malick films the works and days.”, is moved Eric Neuhoff.

In this chorus of praise, is a chain of disappointments. The first is the Atlantic Mati Diop, “a variation more subdued than bewitching” the ghosts on a background of immigration. Little Joe we also left it of marble: “We do not know what drug was ingested, Jessica Hausner. To imagine such a scenario, it must be a substance powerful. Clinical staging, and coldness widespread implementation.”

lists beatings of the heart or strokes of slack that should develop in the second week of screenings. In addition to Quentin Tarantino, we expect the return of Xavier Dolan, Grand prix 2016 in Cannes for Just the end of the world and Abdellatif Kechiche (with Mektoub my love, Intermezzo ), webbed with his two actresses for The life of Adèle in 2013.