Minister of emergency situations Evgeny Senichev warned against distortion and concealment of information about the accident in Norilsk

Minister of emergency situations Evgeny Senichev today during the meeting of the permanent working group of the Governmental Commission on liquidation of flood of oil products in the city of Norilsk made a statement to officials about the importance of providing only accurate information about the incident. “Pay attention to the unacceptability of attempts to distort and moreover concealing information about the real situation in place of a fuel spill in Norilsk,” he said. Earlier media reported contact with spilled fuel Pasino local lake that is 20 km from Norilsk. This was stated by the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS and his assistant Julia Gumenyuk. However, the first Deputy Minister of emergency situations Alexander Chupriyan has corrected the information of the Governor of the region and explained that to prevent the spread of petroleum products effort services and Nickel and the spilled fuel did not reach Pacino. Chupriyan said that trust is the information that was provided from sources directly involved in the work at the scene of the accident. Information about no pollution Pacino also confirmed by the representatives of Norilsk Nickel. The company’s specialists in time made the necessary arrangements and managed to stop the spread of fuel stains, thereby not allowing the oil to reach the lake. As the evidence presented made from satellite images showing that the bonds have stopped the promotion spot on the river Barn. Inaccurate information often appears in social networks and media, but also sources of such messages are the representatives of the authorities. Representatives of the company and MCHS daily provide all the information on the work done at the place of accident.

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