Mismari denied information about the presence of Russian MiG-29 in Libya

Official representative of the Libyan National army (LNA) Ahmed Mismari considers information about the alleged presence of Russian fighter MiG-29 in Libya, another portion of the members is prohibited on the territory of the Russian terrorist organization “Muslim brotherhood”.

According to Mismari, these fakes are distributed with the purpose to mislead the public and undermine the reputation of the LNA. He completely denied the information about the presence of Russian fighters in Libya. Major-General said that all planes available to the LDF — pre-war era, not the last one to repair.

Mismari also stressed that the fighters can not be put on a par with rifles or handguns, and hide them in our time impossible. This high-tech weapons, the delivery of which requires huge financial investment, and this should be agreed with the international community.

Previously, the U.S. accused Russia of supplying MiG-29 in Libya.

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