This is a night like the public loves them. An evening where dancing to the word. Under the theme of corpus, Jean-Christophe Maillot brings together two styles that are very different. First of all one of Goyo Montero. With Atman, the Spanish choreographer plunges the audience into the far reaches of the human soul. Here, through a world of costumes in red, to the chiaroscuro-light and half-shade, there is a succession of wonderful images. As if we are observing a painting in which the canvas would be magically animated. Little by little, he feels the sensation intoxicating to be carried away by the dance, without, however, nothing to tell, says it all. A theme stands out all the same: the uniqueness of each human being, his loneliness and his insatiable need to meet.

After the intermission, change of registry. Core meu is a show where the border between audience, dancers and musicians seems to be totally abolished. If it is accessible to all, the connoisseurs will enjoy the references to Maurice BĂ©jart, Jean-Christophe Maillot, his former pupil, sprinkled throughout. It must be said that on stage it’s a festival: a free dance, catchy, solos, pas de deux, of the movements of the sets… all accompanied by the amazing soundtrack by Antonio Castrignano. Even the orchestra, rather than remaining confined in their pit, is a party involved in the choreography, so much so that at a crucial point in the ballet, it is he who occupies the front of the stage. In this ballet, jubilant and orgiastic, one feels the excitement to win the public, as if the dancers their were carrying a contagious energy. Jean-Christophe Maillot adapts so brilliantly on stage a creative in 2017 on the square in front of the Casino at the holiday dance.