Montenegro announced the

Montenegro is one of the first countries in Europe officially received the status of “country coronafree”, there are more not identify new cases of coronavirus.

to get rid of the epidemic failed after 68 days after the first case of HIV infection, due to tough restrictions, including a curfew.

As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the positive development of the situation also contributed to the closure of the borders, a small amount of the population and healthy sea and mountain air.

the Government and the coordinating headquarters are planning to exert maximum effort to preserve this status in the future.

According to unofficial information, June 1, is expected to the next step in the removal of restrictions. June 2 — the official line of withdrawal of the pandemic, if there is no identified new infected.

Recall that on 15 may the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Janez Jansa declared that the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

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