Some 130,000 tickets have been pre-sold to “Tutankhamun, the pharaoh’s treasury”, which will open on 23 march at the Grande Halle de la Villette, in the north of Paris, on Friday announced the organizers of this exhibition-event. They are now forecasting to achieve the 150,000 tickets to the opening. More than 150 coins – gold jewelry, carvings, sculptures, ritual objects – from the treasure of Tutankhamun, with more than fifty released for the first time from Egypt, will be presented in a scenography designed for the occasion. Khaled El-Anany, minister of Antiquities of egypt, is expected Thursday to visit the exhibition.

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Paris is the second step in the course of the exhibition (after Los Angeles), which is expected to take in ten cities, the list of which has not been disclosed. The transfer of a part of the collections of the Cairo museum in Tahrir square to the future grand egyptian museum in Giza, which is expected to open its doors in a little less than four years, has enabled a number of remarkable objects can exceptionally leave Egypt.

Paris is the second step in the course of this exhibition event. MOHAMED EL-SHAHED/AFP

Discovery on 4 November 1922 in the Valley of the kings, the burial place has not finished to awaken all the fantasies, especially those related to the “pharaoh’s curse” that hangs for years over the tomb.

in 1967, In the exhibition Tutankhamun and his time , which was opened by the minister of Culture, AndrĂ© Malraux, with 45 objects presented, had been an event, to the point of being nicknamed the “exhibition of the century”. Queues huge had formed to discover the treasures of Pharaoh, who had attracted 1,24 million visitors, a record.

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In 1976, another show on Ramses II in the Grand Palace led to a new exodus from Egypt of the objects from the tomb demonstrates. the Treasure of The Pharaoh will be visible until 15 September. The price of the tickets ranges from 18 to 24 euros, with a higher rate during the weekends.