More than 60 people brought to justice after the protest on July 15 in Moscow

the Moscow police said that after nesoglasovannoe rally in Central Moscow on 15 July against amendments to the Constitution were arrested 139 people, not 132, as previously reported.

As reported in a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, the administrative responsibility was attracted 62 people. He is charged with article 20.2. Administrative code of violation of order of holding mass events. Others, as noted in the police, must appear in the local police Department.

Uncoordinated action against amendments to the Constitution took place Wednesday evening at Pushkin square.

the police explained that the action is not agreed because of the decree of the Moscow mayor dated March 5, which prohibits the conduct of any events in pandemic conditions.

the press service also added that the police watching the rally on Pushkin square, maximum avoided the application of measures of administrative influence.

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