More than half of Russians get information on coronavirus from social networks

More than half — 57% — of Russians receive information on the situation of coronavirus from social networks. The survey was conducted Sociological crisis center. In second place (43%) — the Federal TV channels, then the local (24%). Slightly lagging behind Federal news media (23%), followed by specialized official websites devoted to coronavirus (22%). It was also found that 64% of respondents received information from authorities of the same channels that normally receive the news.

While 56% of respondents had enough information from officials, 54% believe taken by the authorities measures to be reasonable, and 49% said that the information was received in a timely manner. Also, 63% of respondents understood the explanations of the authorities, urging to stay home, wear masks and observe other restrictions.

an Online survey was conducted at the research platform Group. Questions answered 2.5 million people over the age of 18 years.

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