Moscow weekly produces more than 260 thousand gowns, and Shoe covers for medical

the capital of the company Daily produces more than 200 thousand one-off gowns for doctors and over 60 thousand surgical Shoe covers.

As the portal of the Moscow city hall, citing the Deputy mayor of Vladimir Efimov, a quarter of this amount released four major clothing manufacturer, pereprofilirovaniju their work in a pandemic.

the Official noted that the transfer of a part of the light industry on manufacture of means of individual protection for physicians has allowed Moscow to fully meet the requirements of the health care system and not depend on imports.

In the mayor’s office also said that since the beginning of the epidemic, Moscow enterprises produced more than 10 MES vials of antiseptics, most of which were sent to the pharmacy.

Recall that from 1 June in Moscow allowed a walk. This will be reinforced with mask and glove mode.

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