Clifford Johnson is a Avengers from the shadows. If his name tells nothing to the general public, it is the physicist that Joe and Anthony Russo have been hired as a consultant for their new movie Avengers: Endgame that beats all the records since its release on April 24. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the scientist returned to the task that the filmmakers and screenwriters of the “hit-machine” from Marvel Studios entrusted to it by: making it credible to all matters relating to the science of physics, especially time travel, in the heart of the plot of the last chapter of the Saga of the Endless .

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“What [the filmmakers] wanted to avoid, it was the obvious paradox that you return back and change something, then you see these things becoming other,” explains professor Johnson to our fellow americans. They sought simply to give a different tone to the film.”

Clifford Johnson helped the brothers Russo to break the codes of most of the feature films of science fiction and it is probably to him that we must this is a replica hilarious Paul Rudd aka Scott Lang (Ant-Man): “So Back to the Future it is conn***es?”.

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In this interview, the physicist reveals more about his role. He declares that he has led a team of scientists to ensure we make the most credible possible quantum science of which it is question in the film, thus allowing to introduce the notion of multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“My job was to help tell the best story and allow them to keep the viewer within the film, so it does not tumble, says Clifford Johnson. Most scenarios try to discover the universe. And what we found there is that of the multiplicity of the universe from the equations. People are asking what is the true reality in all of this. There are multiple universes, but there is a sort of current physical which leaves one to imagine that one could pass from one universe to another. In reality, all this is the fruit of our imagination, because there is no evidence that what we say is true,” said the american professor.

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So the notion of time travel in Avengers: Endgame would be more of an explanation of how the rules of quantum work. The viewer was able to discover it in the film, when the heroes go to retrieve the Stones of the Infinite. The Avengers are faced with their past to change their present and make their present with their past, as evidenced by the sequence where Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) find Howard Stark in the 1970s and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Peggy Carter (Hailey Atwell). The alter ego of Iron Man meets his father while his mother is still pregnant with him and gives him advice that he thought he had received from his progenitor… Very certainly, if he is truly different universe. For this Clifford Johnson band and supports this theory through science:

“If we discover one day that time travel is a real thing – and that’s a big ‘if’ since there’s a multitude of reasons to believe that it wouldn’t work on paper – I guess these rules refine based on the experiences that everyone will live”.

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When Clifford Johnson was hired on Avengers: Endgame , his mission was not only to provide a clear vision of the science in this fiction film. It is also focused on how to show the everyday lives of these represented on the screen.

“I’ve always said Marvel which has a tradition of many scientists to let me help them to make their character believable and the show in the process of thinking, try things and sometimes fail, as happens in reality,” says professor Johnson. It is much more important to show that the scientific process is well done rather than showing a science proper at the foot of the letter.” Thanks to this, the scientist explains that the film has avoided the “non-sense” where the “magic science” is often used to accomplish the purpose of the characters. His work has been determinant for the understanding of the story while trying to interest the public in science, mission accomplished.