Joachim Her-Forget is not the only one to know the music. The former minister of Education, François Hollande, just try to turn. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem has written a song about a theme that is dear to his heart: immigration. The title, entitled Lampedusa is interpreted by the singer Sarah Kaddour. It is even the subject of a clip posted on YouTube on march 17, and which accounts for up to date 11.000 views.

“night falls on the shore/ The lights are getting weak already / drunken Boat to the fin / Rudder and oar wood / Not much for capsizing / in The middle of the strait / It was not made for ten / They are thirty crowded there / To dream…”. This is the beginning of the first verse written by the franco-moroccan, born in Beni Chiker in Morocco and who was a local councillor in Lyon from 2008 to 2013, prior to his ministerial functions.

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Following its defeat in the general elections of 2017, it was a time approached to seek the post of the first secretary of the socialist Party. Before you give up, understanding that she would not be designated as the head of the list of the PS in the european elections. She finally joined the survey institute Ipsos at the beginning of 2018, as director general delegate for international studies and innovation. That didn’t lose, it seems, his sense of commitment. “I am committed in many ways to this cause, especially in a foundation. And I had the pleasure of crossing the path of two musicians involved: Adrian Graf and singer Sarah Kaddour. We decided to tell things in music. It is modest, but it is a part of the stones always useful to ask”, she explains to the magazine Gala.

As to the words, the former minister does not innovate really. They tell the journey of these men, women and children who leave their country to join Europe. A title that is reminiscent of Mercy, the title of Mrs. Mr.,composed for the last contest of Eurovision.”Lampedusa, a visa / to Lampedusa, so far out there / In the absence of promised land / The sea opens their arms / Cold and proud in his grip / They didn’t see it like that…”

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Her attraction to the music is apparently not new. Cradled in his youth by Jean-Jacques Goldman, Georges Brassens or Michel Berger, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem told the Paris “that writing songs was her outlet”. Before adding: “If I want to remove an obsession of the head, I put myself in front of a sheet of paper and I embroidered from a word, its sound. I’m talking about the facts of society, the song for me to say the unspeakable, the pain. It is of public health.” From there to think about a career…