Named products, which poses a deadly threat

Many casual and even healthy foods contain toxins and require very careful attention.

According to the portal Change, doctors recommend to remember the list of potentially dangerous “defendants” and the rules of conduct with them to avoid food poisoning.

Not only toadstools and fly agaric, but other species of fungi can be hazardous to health if improperly conservation or in the neighborhood with poisonous relatives.

the key to a healthy diet — almonds — will benefit health only when fresh. Rancid nut contains a large quantity of cyanide, so it must be processed correctly or to throw away.

In the list of potentially dangerous products were even fruits and berries. For example, in the kernels of cherries, peaches and apricots also contain cyanide and cherry kernels and even prussic acid.

Cyanide is present in the seeds of apples, so avoid eating fruit along with the core.

If you really try, then you can get poisoned and vegetables. Potatoes, like tomatoes, contains a strong poison in the stems and leaves. Green potato tubers need to send in the trash because of the strong concentration glycoalkaloid poison.

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