Named the most harmful products for men

Protein, animal fats, and fiber are the most useful products for men. This was reported by a physician-nutritionist Kovalkov Alex, explaining that the lack of animal fat in the diet in men, less testosterone is produced.

the Medic has warned that it is fraught with rapid weight gain, problems with potency and reduced libido. “If a man does not get animal fats, and his wife only olive oil feeds it and the man will be no” — summed up Kovalkov, reports

Useful for men products doctor of medical Sciences also called seafood, spinach, vegetables and nuts.

Kovalenkov urged men to avoid problems with potency not to use a lot of yeast, smoked meats, fried foods and legumes. The doctor also reminded that the secretion of testosterone suppress digestible carbohydrates and alcohol, especially beer.

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