NATO linked the resumption of the Treaty on open skies with permission to fly to Russia's borders

In the North Atlantic Treaty Organization called the condition under which States will return to compliance with the Treaty on open skies, one side of which is Russia.

This will happen if Russia will allow NATO to carry out operations at the Eastern borders of the Alliance — that is, in the district of Kaliningrad. This requirement also applies to air tasks outside of the borders of Georgia, said NATO.

the Alliance “agreed that all States parties to the Convention must meet their obligations under it.” NATO believes that Moscow does so only partially.

In turn, the EU high Commissioner for foreign Affairs Josep Borrell called on Washington to “reconsider the decision” to withdraw from the DON.

the Agreement allows the 34 States parties undertake mutual overflights of foreign territory. Russia acceded to the Treaty on open skies in 2001.

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