Near Krasnoyarsk have found a mother-killer, she forgot the receipt in the bag with the baby's body

More than two months in the Krasnoyarsk region was looking for a woman suspected of murdering her newborn child.

According to the regional investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the body of a baby in the package found in March on the banks of the Yenisei in the Minusinsk town not far from the house on Quay street.

the killer helped forgotten in the package receipt from the store. The purchase was carried out by using a credit card, the owner of which is categorically denied his involvement in the crime.

Molecular genetic, forensics confirmed the relationship of women and child killed, the test was also about 60 suspects.

a criminal case under article “Murder by mother of the newborn child” (article 106 of the criminal code). Turns out all the circumstances of the incident.

Recall that on 23 March in Minusinsk found a dead baby, put in a package. The coroner found that the child was born alive, and could die from hypothermia.

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