Perfect stranger a few months ago, the rapper Nick Conrad has been propelled to the front of the stage court for its clip Hang the White . “I am going in the kindergarten, I kill babies in white, grab them quickly and hang their parents.” The words and the images had prompted a public outcry. Hate speech subject to prosecution. Moreover, it was convened on 9 January in front of the justice for “directly causing them to commit crimes against life”. The verdict of the criminal court has been made, considering this artist’s self-produced the 35-year-old guilty of provocation in crime for this clip which highlights, in particular, in the scene, pressing a revolver into the mouth of a white man, pulling him out on it or him, crushing the head on a sidewalk. The rapper bailer and a fine of 5000 euros with relief.

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The rapper Nick Conrad is called in a movie clip to “hang the White man” – to Look on Figaro Live

“In a decision highly motivated, the court considers that the words, the use that has been made of a quote from Malcolm X (“The price for others to respect your human rights is death”) and the character is very violent of the images in the clip do not allow any estrangement, indicates to Me, Yael Scemama, a lawyer for the Licra. The cinematic references. The tribunal made the same analysis that Licra: while recognizing the right to freedom of expression and artistic freedom, he believes that the limit has been reached”.

To Laurent de Béchade, president of the Organization of struggle against racism anti-white (OLRA), “what is shocking is the absence of condemnation of concrete”, while the rapper “don’t regret still not his words.” “Apart from the damages, there is no negative consequence for him, quite the contrary!, angrily there. This case has made a very nice promotion, it will continue to benefit, since it is a call.” In January, the prosecutor had estimated that Nick Conrad had “to a certain extent already paid the consequences” of his act after the loss of her job as a receptionist in a five-star hotel.

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The clip PLB , for Hang the White , published in September 2018 – since deleted from the various video platforms – staged the hanging of a white man to Noisy-le-Grand, in Seine-Saint-Denis. In the middle of the night, the man is removed, covered with a trash bag. Various acts of torture to follow, with words of hate that rages, punctuated by the refrain “Hang them all! Hang the Whites!”.

“I didn’t think it would take my clip in the first degree!”, was justified the defendant during his first call-up to the bar. The rapper had defended his “fable” as morbid as a denunciation of racism through a reverse playback of slavery, including the lynchings suffered by Blacks: “I wanted to reverse the trend to make them understand that has been experienced by the black man. When it happens to Blacks, like in the movie American History X , it does not shock anyone, but when I do it to a White person, it offends!”

“Racism anti-White”

A version that is difficult to hear for the civil parties, was a part of the global Alliance against racism and for the respect of the French identity and christian (Agrif), the international League against racism and anti-semitism (Licra). “These texts wrap up this clip from beginnings of a discourse of hatred and show that it is part of a wave of racism anti-White”, had said to Me, Yael Scemama, representing the Licra. The criminal court has given them reason, since it also condemns Nick Conrad to pay 1000 euros in damages to each of the two associations of civil parties.

Nick Conrad is not the only one to have been tried for the lyrics of his songs. Other singers have been sentenced for the same facts. Sentences minimal. In 2013, the singer Orelsan, had been sanctioned from 1 000 € suspended fine for “insult and provocation to violence against women”, for his song Dirty Whore . In 2016, the rappers Remy and Poposte écopaient 500 euro suspended fine for “apology of crime” and “insulting the public”, to have spoken out about their “smile when a cop busts”, in their song First Dinguerie .

the announcement of the decision, the rapper Nick Conrad book his “disappointment”. And announced its intention to appeal “immediately.” Before concluding: “there are still taboos in France, but I will continue to do my music, I will continue to talk about these issues.”