“No danger, not impressed, Nicky Larson does not fear anyone.” The kids of the 1990s remember the generic of the movie that was on TF1. Other remember of the manga City Hunter , which recounts the adventures of police Ryo Saeba (original name of Nicky Larson). All will be able to obtain the new spin-off , City Hunter: Rebirth , published Thursday in the editions Ki-oon.

Sokura Nishiki, mangaka of this series is derived, makes the dream of all children: find yourself in the universe of their favorite heroes to live their adventures. For Kaori, it is in City Hunter , with Ryo Saeba. The single 40-year-old, who is bored in her work, sees her newspaper rushed to the day she is struck by a high-speed train. She wakes up in the skin of a schoolgirl, propelled in the hot districts of the Tokyo of the 1980s, where she finally meet her idol. Supervised by Tsukasa Hojo, creator of the shönen originally, City Hunter: Rebirth respects the design and the different surveys are known by the fans.

After an accident, Kaori is powered in sle 1980s where she met her hero. Kyou Kara CITYHUNTER ©1985 by TSUKASA HOJO/NSP, ©2017 by SOKURA NISHIKI All Rights Reserved. Nicky Larson on tv and in the movies

in Addition to this new spin-off, private detective and body guard made its grand return this year on the screens. Directed by Philippe Lacheau, Nicky Larson and Scent of Eros is out in the room this Wednesday. The director and actor of babysitter 1 & 2 and Alibi.com embodies the hero of his action-comedy, with his team of actors usual, Elodie Fontan, Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruti and Didier Bourdon.

On February 9, TFX, the channel of the TF1 group rediffusera every Saturday at 9: 35 am, seven episodes of the animated series. The day before, the 140 episodes Nicky Larson will be available on MyTF1.

City Hunter is released between 1985 and 1991 in the magazine Weekly Shônen Jump . The manga has thirty-two volumes and is published in France by Panini. In 2001, Tsukasa Hojo published Angel Heart , the first spin-off . The manga, gaining a modest success compared to its predecessor, is grouped into 49 volumes, divided into two seasons.