Nine of the St. Petersburg horticulture sixth day of living without electricity

the St. Petersburg summer residents, solarbabies dachas in the Moscow district of the city remained without electricity. Information to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” confirmed that the district administration.

there is no Electricity on the territory of gardening “elektroavtomatika”, was partially damaged houses in the following horticultural nonprofit partnerships: “Pensioners of the Leninsky district”, “Elektroapparat”, “Worker”, “Green Garden”, “the Leningrad airport”, “Country of the Leningrad battery plant”, “Country of the Baltic plant,” gardening No. 1, “the October Country PREO”.

the Accident on the networks of power occurred on may 18.

“Energy gardening “elektroavtomatika” define the injury. The cable line is owned by the horticulture and can be maintained only at the expense of the owners. The administration staff are in constant contact with representatives of horticulture, advise them on issues of organization of works on restoration of power supply”, — commented the press-service of administration of the Moscow district.

we will Remind, the authorities of St. Petersburg approved the decision of the townspeople to isolate themselves in the cottages. However, the people of St. Petersburg, who went for cottages outside the Leningrad region, will have to spend 2 weeks in isolation.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote about how to get rid of the snails in the garden.

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