North Korea has refused to accept a special envoy from South Korea

South Korea wanted to send to the DPRK special envoy for talks with the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN, but was refused, according to the state news Agency of DPRK KCNA.

the statement said that the envoys had to act as head of state security under the President of Kazakhstan Chung Yy Yong, and head of the national intelligence service With the Hun.

According to the Agency, the proposal was rejected, Kim yo-Jong, sister of North Korean leader and the first Deputy head of the Department of propaganda and agitation of the Central Committee of the WPK. It is noted that she called the “tricks” of Seoul. In addition, it is emphasized that the idea of “from the beginning was unrealistic” given the quarantine, which prohibited any entry into the territory of the DPRK.

According to the North Korean side, the proposal demonstrates that the South Korean authorities to “seriously accept the situation and foresee the consequences.”

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