Very degraded, in particular because of the acidity of the rain, the arrow that peaked at 93 metres before collapsing, but also the bedside table, the round path and the sacristy had to be rebuilt in ten years. The railings did not. Inside the loop, pinnacles threatened to burst. Some of the stones at least three buttresses left in crumbs. Gargoyles that were crumbling similarly had been filed, to be replaced by PVC pipes.

” Fire at Notre-Dame de Paris: our live

To gather the 150 million euros (of which 60 for the parties most damaged), the diocese had, in 2017, appealed to the patronage in addition to the State involved to two-thirds through the Foundation, the Future of the Heritage in Paris. First step: he had to take care of the skin in the lead covering the edge. Though heavy of 210 tons, the acidity of rain had oxidized, and even pierced in places. Replace if required, …

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