images of Our Lady of Paris in flames stunned the world. Among the many tributes posted on social networks, many of those cartoonists and illustrators, it has become a sad tradition, took their pencils to express their sadness.

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Many designers are inspired by particular of Quasimodo, the hunchback to the great heart of the novel Notre-Dame de Paris. The drawing poignant illustrator ecuadorian Cristina Correa Freile shows desperate clasping tenderly the cathedral.

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The author of the blog The trials and Tribulations of a small zebra , Alexandra Reynaud drew Quasimodo protecting Esmeralda, in the middle of the flames.

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The gargoyles are not in rest. Like our collaborator Olivier Ménégol, who paid tribute to the work of the fire department.

others are inspired by the famous monsters of stone.

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The figure of Marianne in tears them to follow suit. For The World , Plantu represent it with a French flag with the effigy of the cathedral from up in smoke.

The symbol of the French Republic has also been widely used to express the dismay of the designers and more largely of the whole world.

The illustrator Aurélie Pedrajas tribute to Our Lady with a beautiful image of the Eiffel Tower to the consoling with the message of hope: “It’s going to go my lovely!”

Some artists have shown their worth in employing the figure of the heart (chorus) broken.

A certain Na! fits in a vein more humorous.

The caricature of the cartoonist Zaïtchick shows himself worried : “what is it that we remain at the end of this damn five-year term?”