We knew musician, capable of the worst false notes in terms of communication, to the point of being considered the “Kanye West” policy. Joachim Sound-Forget will now launch in the song. The deputy of French abroad (In Switzerland) was released Tuesday on the platforms of streaming, its title color , inspired, he said, the movement of the “yellow vests”. Accompanied by the rapper Doc Gynae, ready decidedly to eat at all the racks, the leader of the new party “I am a French and European level”, he explained to our colleagues of the Paris that his song was the result of a “very patriotic”.

“A world in black and white; red, white and blue, a riot of colours.” On a air “between Goldman and Calogero”, the ex-LaREM, Joachim Her-Forget wants to give a “definition of the French identity” in “its diversity and complexity”. “The idea is to show the strength of the French people, his ability to see the world in colors, in shades rather than in black and white with good guys and bad guys”, he says.

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Sometimes “plagued by debates which makes him forget his true nature, that of the freedom of tone”, he explains, the identity of France located in the “yellow vests” the interest of the “cause for the discussion, allow people to ask questions”. Based on the movement (“Yellow, with a sigh, for what to become?”) the mp hopes to hear his anthem in the processions that invade the streets of the country every Saturday for the month of October 2018.

A collaboration is unlikely with Doc Gynecologist

In February, Joachim Her-Forget has proposed to Doc Gyn – the two men met on the set of “TPMP”, the issuance of Cyril Hanouna – to become the “blue helmets” between the “yellow vests” and the government. Even going so far as to contact Eric Drouet, one of the leaders of the movement, to play the intermediary between him and Emmanuel Macron. “I will do what Joachim and Eric Drouet will want me to do. The important thing, for me, it is really to negotiate, to bring them to the negotiating table with Macron.”, explains without laughing Doc Gynae at Paris . The rapper had already endorsed Nicolas Sarkozy and Bernard Tapie before express later regret. Today, it is Joachim Her-Forget that the rapper wants to accompany him in his approach.

Accused of making about gender on Twitter, the ex-LREM, who dreams of being the lead singer of Muse, is not the only one to be launched into the song for the “yellow Vests”. The actor and composer Francis Lalanne, under an air guitar, has asked the movement to “show his power” in continuing to “walk to the end”.