Nutrition specialist told how much to eat and not get fat

the Problem of excess weight is relevant to many. But in order to lose weight, it is not necessary to exhaust the body diets, says a dietitian-nutritionist Hope of Pachinko, she cites Cursorinfo.

the Expert is sure that you can afford a decent portion and to maintain a caloric deficit. It is important to 40% of the calories in the dish were complex carbs/fiber, 30% cal fat and 30% protein foods. This dish nourishes and reduces cravings for sweets and flour, I’m sure of Pachinko.

She suggest at each meal include foods rich in protein because they provide satiety and control appetite, explains Pachinko. She recommends eating eggs, chicken, Turkey without the skin and veins, fish and seafood, beef and pork tenderloin without fat and layers, dairy products to 5%, and low-fat cheeses to 25%.

Nutritionist also urges to abandon the fatty mayonnaise and sour cream sauces, it is better to replace natural low-fat yogurt with mustard. Even Pachinko recommends not to eat lunch or dinner bread. According to her, one slice of rye whole-wheat bread to the dish is sufficient.

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