there are many who have had the good (or bad) surprise to discover that, on Wednesday, April 3, the third self-produced album of NLP, entitled Two Brothers . While the output is initially scheduled for 5 April, the links of the wiretaps is shared by hundreds on social networks.

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In a few minutes, the hashtag #AlbumPNL is even in the top trends on Twitter with over 28,000 tweets shared. The social network has become the theatre of a war barely creeping. On one side, the most faithful, the ones who are IBD “the Family” as they write and who await the day of the official release to listen to the new titles of Ademos and N. O. S. The others, who are jumping on the streaming sites to be able to listen to the new project of NLP. “In the French rap, ever an album has not been as expected,” says the music journalist Olivier Cachin.

Some, though impatient, say they have resisted the temptation…

But many it seems have not had the courage.

On Instagram, NLP has just unveiled the list of the songs that appear on their album Two Brothers . An announcement, accompanied by the caption: “hope you enjoy, we gets. Thank you all, and especially to those who have patiently waited to see all that is happening today.”

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Slt the mif, that it is time to send the tracklist ! These are the names that will bear the titles of our upcoming album ” Two Brothers “. We hope that you enjoy this time, we are kif ! Thank you all, and especially to those who have patiently waited to see all that is happening today. It is an honor to have worked on this album, and a fucking pleasure to share it with you. It is the result of IBD, The World Chico, and In the Caption, it looks like, and it is, as we had hoped. Friday inchaallah #DeuxFrères

A publication that is shared by NLP (@pnlmusic) 3 April 2019 3 :09 PDT

This tracklitst composed of eighteen songs, including the singles already well-known DD , 91’s and ammonia , corresponds in all respects to securities of the album has been leaked on the Web. Many have imagined a fake leak … A coup de com’ in the manner of Vald with his album Xeu . Could this be a new strategy on the part of the duo, which claims to leave nothing to chance? Here, again, NLP has chosen to be silent. “This posture silently conspicuous and appears to be paying off,” Louis Hallonet, director of the centre contemporary music Bureau Export, which supports the development of French artists abroad. “So much that every time they deliver content, they set the bar high”, he adds.

“others, like Prince or Daft Punk have had the same strategy. But none of them was at the end of this process, which is to leave the audience in a void of communication such as the fact NLP. This absolute silence works because audiences and critics are projecting what they want on it,” Olivier Cachin. Before specifying a form of omertà surrounds the duo: “They have made the sign of the clauses to those who have worked on their clip. Nothing has been leaked”. Or rather, nothing had leaked so far…

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NLP likes to play with the nerves of his fans. On 7 march, with only two words (“It happens”), and smiley (the Earth), they have re-established contact with their followers to announce their new clip, DD , finally unveiled the 22. Some have even waited sixteen hours, to the point of eventually calling for a boycott of the group. This did not visibly market: the video for the title DD was recorded in spite of everything 500.000 views in fifteen minutes after its online release. The clip has since surpassed the record for the French plays of the year. To this day, it has over 35 million views. The duo even became the first artist or French group to integrate the Top 30 of the world on Spotify. Performance rarely matched in the world of French rap.

The brothers, who had not released an album since the legend , certified disk of diamond in 2016 were very expected. The Billboard american has built-in NLP at the 10th position in the Social 50, which lists the artists most mentioned on social networks around the world.