Oleg Sokolov shied away from pleading guilty in the murder of PhD student

the Accused in the murder of PhD student Oleg Sokolov refused to answer the question of the admission of guilt, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the Judge announced details of the criminal case and qualifying the actions of the former teacher of St. Petersburg state University. The defendant declined to plead guilty.

“To this question I wish to answer after the presentation of evidence by the prosecution,” — said Sokolov.

the Meeting takes place in the building of the city court of St. Petersburg.

Recall that historian is accused of the murder of PhD student Anastasia Eschenko, with whom he was romantically involved. According to the investigation, the falcons had a fight with a girl, began to strangle her and shot several times, and then she died. The accused dismembered the body of his beloved and tried to drown it in the Sink, but to hide the evidence failed. The defendant previously admitted guilt.

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