On Kolyma have found pockets of coronavirus in kindergarten and the child's home

In the Magadan region revealed two major new focus of the spread of coronavirus. One of them was in the child’s home, the other in kindergarten, said the Governor of the region Sergey Nosov on his page in the social network Instagram.

According to the Governor, in kindergarten in Susuman identified 12 cases from employees of the institution. In the orphanage in Magadan identified 9 cases of coronavirus, also the employees. Children’s tests while negative, said Nosov.

on the Kolyma, according to the latest data, confirmed 261 cases of infection COVID-19, died 3 people, recovered 199. The largest source of spread of the virus recorded in the yagodninskiy district of the region, where it has infected about 70 workers of gold-mining enterprise.

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