On Kuban the court arrested on 13 of day the girl ran at the patrol car during the party

Leninsky district court of Krasnodar arrested for 13 day 23-the summer inhabitant of Armavir Anastasia Kozlov ran through her patrol car during a party on the street. According to the newspaper “Kuban news”, the incident occurred June 7 on the street Krasnaya. Visitors of several institutions, organized a summer cafe, arranged a great mass party. Inhabitants of nearby houses called the police. Arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers are not immediately able to restore order, between the crowd and police there was a verbal sparring. One of the girls jumped on the hood of the police car. As told journalists the head a press-services of the municipal Department of internal Affairs Artem Konovalenko, the girl was detained at the place of residence and delivered in the regional centre. In the case of the lawbreaker was composed of three administrative reports of disorderly conduct, violation of rules of conduct with the introduction of high alert mode, in particular for non-social distance and movement between municipalities, as well as for violation of traffic rules by a pedestrian, resulting in interference with the movement of the car. The police Department asked her about the reasons of such behavior. According to the girl, his act, she wanted to divert the attention of law enforcement authorities from underage partiers. She stressed that encouraged those present to repeat after her. In addition, she emphasized that “it’s not that it was a DPS officer”. Currently calculated damage, which was caused by the damage of the official vehicle. The decision of the court the girl identified the penalty of administrative detention for 13 days. Kozlov also fined two thousand rubles.

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