On Sakhalin doctors underpaid more than 400 thousand rubles for the fight against coronavirus

On the Sakhalin Prosecutor’s office found violations of the payment to the health workers in TSRB of the city of Dolinsk. In the infectious Department of the hospital where they put all infected patients in the region.

As the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office, the audit showed that 14 staff CRB has not received the Federal payments for April for a total amount of 415 thousand rubles. It is noted that the medical workers have denied incentive payments due to the lack of special education. However, they were allowed to work and had contact with sick coronavirus and persons at risk.

the Prosecutor’s office has taken control of the process of elimination of violations of the rights of physicians.

in Total, the region on 22 may confirmed 64 cases COVID-19. 36 patients have already been discharged from the hospital and another 28 are on treatment.

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