On the background of the pandemic in some countries, some professions began to develop robots

against the background of the pandemic and restrictions in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection some professions began to develop robots. This helps to maintain social distance, writes Cursorinfo.

For example, in the Netherlands customers in the restaurant served by robot waiters, and in South Korea in one of the outlets running robot Barista who can brew about 60 varieties of coffee and to serve the customers in the hall. With such employees in the coffee shop people are not needed, but cleaner that provides a clean working environment and replenishing ingredients.

In Japan, the humanoid robot working at the hotel, where place patients with coronavirus — he carries out the cleaning and disinfection of premises, and also communicates with patients, to spare them from feelings of loneliness.

in Singapore Park goes Robocop — he reminds holidaymakers about the rules of conduct in the context of the pandemic.

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