Ophthalmologist gave some tips how to keep eye health on

ophthalmologist Irina Leshchenko warned the Russians about the sharply increased load on the eyes because of the forced sitting at home in connection with the regime of self-isolation.

the Medic in an interview with radio Sputnik stated that now “a turn the computer on in the morning and leave before night.” As noted by the candidate of medical Sciences, that people may face with tired eyes.

In this regard, associate Professor of the chair of eye diseases of the National medico-surgical Center named. N. And. Pirogov advised to arrange breaks: “Every 20 minutes we should open up off the screen if it is not possible to get up to at least 20 seconds to look and look away.”

Leshchenko also urged not to forget about moisturizing drops. Thus, according to her, constantly dripping is a maximum of four times per day. To help with dry eyes also can room humidifiers, the doctor added.

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