Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of St. Nicholas: what to ask the Saint to this day

the Day of St. Nicholas or the day of Nikola Spring (Summer) 22 may is celebrated by the Orthodox. Traditionally it is a celebration of the beginning of the agricultural season, in addition, according to the Orthodox calendar, this day in 1087 the relics of Saint Nicholas were transferred from Myra to Bari (Italy).

on this day, early veruschie arranged prayers at the well below the summer was dry, and made processions to the fields, and then bathed and poured water. Because Saint Nicholas is revered as patron of fertility, this day (old style, may 9) people gave him eggs, painted in red, yellow and green, and at the dawn prayed for a good harvest.

single and unmarried bonfires and circle dances, the girl prayed to the miracle-worker to send them a good husband.

Ranchers also performed rituals for the protection of animals, referring to Saint Nicholas to protect agriculture and the harvest.

it was thought that after may 22nd, it is time of summer gifts on this day begins the night walking of grazing cattle, planting of potatoes, carrots, onions and peas are already blooming blueberries, strawberries, forget-me-nots and globeflowers.

to Meet this day relies in a clean house and clean clothes, with prayers. You should pay attention to people’s signs – it is believed that if the next day the rain, the summer will be rainy.

in addition, on this day veruschie took only vegetable food (refusing meat), gave alms and fed the poor and crippled and were treated to a relatives house. It was forbidden to betray sadness, laziness, and revel, and excessive drinking.

I will Add that Nicola Vernal – this is one of two celebrations in honor of St. Nicholas. Second – Nicolas Winter – celebrate it on December 19.

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