fear and trembling. Sunday, while the 91st academy awards ceremony drew to an end, his ultimate coronation has created the radiance of the evening. Named the face of the big favourites like Roma and Favorite , Green Book: On the roads of the South finally won the statuette for best film of the year. Spike Lee, director of the committed BlacKkKlansman , also compete in this category, has not hidden his displeasure.

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When actress Julia Roberts has said the victory of Green Book on his adversaries, the audience of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, where took place the ceremony could see the filmmaker Spike Lee shake furiously, before getting up and heading towards the doors to the room. Andrew Dalton, a reporter on the spot of the Associated Press , has testified on the social networks of this feat, adding that the director, stopped in his tracks by the organizing team of the event, is then returned to its place, to turn your back to the stage and engage in a discussion with Jordan Peele, sitting behind him.

both known for their commitment to the defence of the rights of the black community american, Jordan Peele received in 2018 the oscar for best original screenplay for his thriller on a background of racism Get Out . Spike Lee, award a few hours earlier the award for best adapted screenplay for BlacKkKlansman , was held on stage to pay tribute to the “Afro-Americans […] uprooted from Africa and enslaved” at the beginning of the 17th century.

Green Book and the white supremacy

If Green Book has been praised repeatedly for racial tolerance that it seems to advocate, the film, Peter Farrelly has had so many negative remarks, accusing him of being a “symphony of lies” full of clichés. Its storyline focuses on the budding friendship between the pianist’s classic black Gift Shirley and his driver and body guard white Tony “Lip” Vallelonga, although based on real facts, had been openly challenged before the Oscars.

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Maurice Shirley, little brother of the pianist, played by Mahershala Ali, had told the american media 1A does not want to see the movie, especially because unlike what was shown, Don Shirley was not “a stranger to his family, neither to the black community”. “It is once again the description of the life of a black man, from the vision of a white man” had joined the niece of Don Shirley, Carol Shirley Kimble. “To make this story of a white hero rather than a black man incredibly accomplished, is more than insulting.” The journalist Brooke Obie had even added that “telling stories and black icons through the eyes of a white person as a racist than Tony Lip does not advance any understanding of Black history. This only fuels white supremacy.”

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Asked after the ceremony about his reaction at the coronation of Green Book , Spike Lee tried to avoid the question before simply confessing to having had “the impression of being on the bench and hear the referee call the wrong player”. BlacKkKlansman named him also in the category of best film, the director was finally scoffed at the fact of losing “every time that someone is the driver of someone else”. A reference to the movie Miss Daisy and her chauffeur , awarded best film in 1990 in the face of his feature film Do The Right Thing .

The Oscar for best film goes to “Green Book”, Peter Farrelly and the Oscar of best director for Alfonso Cuaron with “Roma”. AFP / REUTERS The Oscar for best film goes to “Green Book”, Peter Farrelly and the Oscar of best director for Alfonso Cuaron with “Roma”. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have entranced the Dolby theater in Los Angeles. The Oscar for best actress goes to Olivia Colman, the first oscar for “The Favorite”. The Oscar for the best actor goes to Rami Malek, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Lady Gaga gives a speech filled with emotion after winning the best song for “Shallow” in “A star is born”. Charlie Wachtel, David Robinowitz, Kevin Willmott and Spike Lee for screenplay (adaptation) for “BlacKkKlansman”) The winning team of the short documentary film : “Period. End of Sentence” (Rayka Zehtabchi and Melissa Berton). The best second female role goes to Regina King, in “If Beale Street could talk”. Bradley Cooper arrived with his girlfriend, Irina Shayk. Michelle Yeoh and Pharell Williams. Best costumes for Ruth Carter, “the Black Panther”. The winners of the best documentary “Free Solo”. Best male supporting role for “Mahershala Ali” to “Green Book”. Daniel Craig and Charlize Theron. Alfonso Cuaron in the arms of Javier Bardem. “Roma”, Alfonso Cuaron has already won the best cinematography and foreign language film. Colorfull red carpet: Jennifer Hudson, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph. The brilliant Glenn Close. The team of “Black Panther”. Rachel Weisz.