Netflix attempt to extinguish the fire before the Canvas does not ignite? At the end of February, Indie Wire reported that Steven Spielberg is firmly opposed to the participation of the films of a giant of the streaming for the Oscars. The filmmaker “is convinced that there is a difference between streaming and broadcast to the cinema”, as stated by a spokesperson for Amblin, production company of the filmmaker, whose saga Jurassic Park has been integrated in the catalogue on Netflix since the 1st of march…

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Netflix Movie responded indirectly to Spielberg, by splitting a tweet that explains three points in its approach to producing films on its platform.

“We love the cinema. Here are a few points that we love just as much. Make it accessible [to the film] to people who can’t afford to go there regularly, or who live in towns without a cinema. Let everyone in the world, no matter where they are located, to determine the new outputs at the same time. Providing filmmakers with more ways to share their movies. And all this at the same time,” wrote Netflix Movie.

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The debate is only starting

next month, Steven Spielberg will attend the meeting of the members of the council of the Academy of the Oscars, where it represents all of the directors of the profession. According to a spokesperson for Amblin, the filmmaker hopes to be able to count on other members to mock his question. For its part, the Academy said that “discussions would be held with the various trades and study the subject at the April meeting”.

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During the night of 24 to 25 February, Netflix has shown for the Oscars. In fact, Roma , the film by Alfonso Cuarón, won four statuettes, including best foreign language film. For all that, if one follows the reasoning of Steven Spielberg, the film deserves to be more widely an Emmy Award (award for tv programs), than anything else.

today, with the rise of platforms of streaming, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and soon to be Disney +, the question of whether the productions of these platforms may be eligible will become the center of conversation.