Oskar Kuchera had coronavirus

TV Presenter Oskar Kuchera admitted that he had coronavirus along with his family.

According to him, the disease they had to face on may holidays. Kucera in his Instagram said that the family moved COVID-19 easy, and he was “a little heavier, but no pneumonia and the hospital.”

the Broadcaster said that stayed home in quarantine even after he is on the mend and got rid of temperature.

the Coachman said that the first test for the coronavirus he was positive, and then negative. The study also showed the presence of antibodies to COVID-19.

additionally, the presenter shared with your followers, as it recovered from the coronavirus: “Vitamin C in high doses, vitamin D in high doses, zinc and “Derinat” intramuscularly”.

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Jun 1, 2020 at 4:00am PDT

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