And if the original troop of the musical comedy Notre-Dame de Paris reformait, 20 years later? It is the wish of a user who has launched a petition, the day after the fire that ravaged the cathedral in paris, to see the artists of the cast original on stage. His appeal has been heard. In less than 24 hours, it has already reaped 71.000 signatures.

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“In the light of the day and at the time of the reconstruction, I hope that you join me to ask the cast and crew of the musical comedy Notre-Dame de Paris to organize a grand solidarity concert whose profits will all be donated to the reconstruction effort,” explains Anais of the Village, the author of the petition. It is addressed directly to the authors of the musical and its performers, Helene Segara (Esmeralda), Werewolf (Quasimodo) or Daniel (Frollo) and their application to organize “an outstanding representation of charity.”

A comedy to success

Inspired by the novel of Victor Hugo, Notre Dame de Paris, the show had been a success far beyond the borders. Adapted into 8 languages, played in 20 countries with more than 4300 performances, the show became a cult, as its titles in Beautiful , The Time of the Cathedrals , or Living . Notre-Dame de Paris has been played in England, Russia, the United States, China, South Korea or even Japan.

The Time of the cathedrals , performed by Bruno Pelletier

Just like the work of Victor Hugo, the musical created by Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante in 1998, is experiencing a resurgence of interest. Tuesday, W9 proposed the unprecedented show Notre-Dame de Paris , as he had never been broadcasted in France.

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“we Are asked to replace disks in the store”

Nicolas Talar, producer of the show Notre-Dame de Paris

In the columns of the Paris, Nicolas Talar, producer of the show announcement and think of a way to raise funds, in France but also abroad for the reconstruction of the building . “We are asked to put discs in-store. They are working for pay 1 or 2 euros on each sale”. He said that he wants to take advantage of the international success of the show, which is still, to collect additional donations. And provides work to the organization of an event bringing together the creators of the show and members of all the troops in a large room in paris”. The fans should, without a doubt, be at the rendez-vous.

The cast of Notre-Dame mourns the cathedral

Werewolf, who played the character of Quasimodo has not hide his emotion. “Our cradle parisian is consumed… This pillar of the faith, the architecture and the inspiration of time, of people, of artists, of centuries… It is the bells that I ring for the house of my Quasimodo. I am so sad.”

After having pushed the voice, Hélène Ségara which interpreted Esmeralda has also decided to pay homage to the cathedral. “I can’t believe it…”, she tweeted adding a photo of the religious building and the casting of the show.

Julie Zenatti, which interpreted the Fleur-de-Lys in the original musical comedy, has shared on her behalf Instagram a picture that represents Marianne twined around Notre-Dame.

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Luc Plamondon, the author of the songs of the show, has also expressed his emotion at the microphone of RTL on Tuesday: “I was as ripped the heart. It is unimaginable. I’ve lived with this cathedral for the past 20 years. She didn’t die on us. You walk in with the cathedral everywhere in the world for the past 20 years and it continues.”