The work of covering of Notre-Dame de Paris began, starting with the interior of the cathedral, while the return of rain is expected Wednesday in Paris, a-t-on learned from the person in charge of the communication of the cathedral. “The work of tarp began, indicated to the AFP the communication officer of Notre-Dame, André Finot. We will begin by the choir, then the nave”.

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damage and subsidence that is likely to cause storm water runoff on the building and the works that are still available are dreaded, while significant quantities of water have already been poured into the building by the fire department to extinguish the fire giant on 15 April.

As is the case in this type of work, a sort of huge “umbrella” must be installed to run in order to protect the building permanently from the weather, the time for the workers to perform the work of reconstruction. This installation could take weeks.

The president and Emmanuel Macron has set as its goal the reconstruction of the cathedral was completed in five years. A period tenable in the eyes of many experts, but too short, according to others, including by reason of the delay of the expertise.

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According to the various architects interviewed, the phase prior to the actual works should be the longest and most complex: it is necessary first of all to clear, turn off water, clean up, investigate the causes of the disaster, to strengthen weak parts, make assessments on the work to be desirable, and then invite bids, and, for the selected companies, prepare the work site (scaffolding, etc). This will add the international architectural competition for the reconstruction of the arrow. Then, modern technology should allow us to carry out the construction quickly enough.

the cause of the fire not yet determined

The accidental origin (short-circuit in particular) is preferred. But the question for the moment is not clear, and the debris burned will be passed to the fine comb looking for the slightest clue. The thesis of a malevolent action seems very unlikely, even if it has been mentioned, particularly in the right-wing parties and the extreme right, such as Standing the France of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

compensation for property destroyed during the rescue of the building began to be discussed. Archbishop Patrick Chauvet, the rector of the cathedral, has announced its intention to “file a complaint for involuntary destruction”, for “insurance work” for the property belonging to the Church inside the building, a-t-on learned from the diocese.

images of Our Lady before and after the fire