The black cinema of Sam Kaprielov “Black Art 144” by Sam Kaprielov (gallery Belem, Paris). SAM KAPRIELOV

The charcoals without repentance of Sam Kaprielov, Latvian London, are snapshots in large-format rectangular, bizarre objects and unpublished between stops on images and visions blurred dreams in monochrome. They mix the memory of cinema, the femme fatale of film noir, suspense eroticized and engaged in their intrigues, their sources far away in the history of the representation. Child from Latvia, born in 1971 in the USSR, Sam Kaprielov follows as it should then the Is an academic education and studied the classical arts in St. Petersburg. His hand has kept a strict lesson. And then “he gets lost in the painting of billiards, of venetian masks. A passage to Avignon, and finally an anchor in London”. His original vision, textuality, refers to the meeting of the icons, Gilda-Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Gene Tierney, but also of the holy monsters, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang and the filmmakers, the Russian revolutionary. His series of “black Art” involved …

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