It is not always easy to understand, very clearly written gushing of Valère Novarina. Who has never lost his footing, listening to his “characters”? Of course, as this happens to all great writers, some performers are in greater intimacy with the universe. There are actors “raciniens”, “claudéliens”. There are actors made to bring the language of impetuous and lively of the author of the Babble of the dangerous classes , Pool name or Drama of life .

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We do not forget the extraordinary work led by Cédric Orain, director today of Our speech . A few years ago, in 2011, this artist’s path singular had led the troop of the Bird-Fly, a company that professionalized persons in situation of handicap. Out of body was unforgettable diving in the luminous ink of Valère Novarina. Cédric Orain has a very special relationship with the world of Novarina: it is the directed by Claude Buchvald of The Operetta imaginary , which led to a break with his destiny as a scientist to engage in the theatre. With Our parol e, it leads us into areas of the thought and writing of the author-artist fertile, that one knows less well. A Novarina with our company, attentive to the world as it goes, or rather as it collapses and traps us. A Novarina policy, quite rare in its expression.

Cedric Orain remembered an article signed by Novarina, published in the columns of Release . The title was Our speech . The first Gulf war. Clouds heaped up. This talk wants to say, can say: this was the purpose of this position in a major daily newspaper. We réentend this text. But it is articulated, mounting is often “cut”, without frills or ankles, with extracts of Lights of the body, The Original red, and The Flesh of man .

A construction that holds the board. A box in which the wall will be transfigured into wall screens, wall images. Scenography and video signed Stone New with lights Eric Da Graça Neves. The music of Manuel Peskine, plays a relevant role and the three virtuosos take the word. Brunette to dimple and look firm, cheerful, and ideal diction, Celine Milliat Baumgarten we are delighted. Human and well anchored on the ground, full of spirit, Rudolf Foal is accurate, mobile, and often funny.

In his pants multicolor (costumes by Sophie Skirt), long, blond, pale, playing his strangeness and his voice – it is also counter-tenor, Olav Benestvedt, born in Norway, european par excellence, offers the originality of his presence, his audacity, and who knows what mischief contained in a path, stunning it.

They are all three accomplices and complementary, and, under the direction of Cédric Orain, we offer a very good show, jubilant and intelligent.

“Our word” at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale 17, bd Jordan (Xiv).
Tel.: 01 43 15 50 50. Hours: luns., mar., fri. at 20 h, the game, sam. at 19 h, release sea. and dim. Until 2 march. Duration: 1: 15 pm. Seating: from 7 to 23 €.