Over 21 thousand volunteers help the Muscovites on the isolation

Over 21 thousand people in two months have signed up as volunteers on the portal myvesta.mosvolonter.of the Russian Federation. These data led the Deputy mayor of Moscow, Natalia Sergunina.

According to her, during this period the volunteers helped 28 thousand Muscovites, was processed more than 137 thousand applications of citizens.

the Official said that the volunteers deliver food, medicines and other necessary things for the elderly, large families and other categories of citizens in need of assistance.

it is Noted that for dobrovoltsev conduct remote training and instruction in the volunteer headquarters. Before going to the addresses they check the temperature, also they are supplied with personal protective equipment.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to COVID-19@rosbalt.ru