Out of a clip of the 1970s, the two friends of Papooz were already part 2015 of the revelations in music with Ann Wants to Dance , from their first album too little noticed. When the two meet, they come to leave the high school and participate in the mad project to mount a log. If the thunderbolt is not immediate, the magic between the two around the music and nearly ten years later they released their second album Night Sketches “more groove, less pop and less soft than the first,” says Ulysses. The dream continues when the group has the option to save to the Fret, mansion, mythic the Val-d’oise. “This has been a great chance to record there because the quality of the instruments is amazing and this place allowed us to put the soul in every shot.”

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In addition to their mastery of the composition, the duo has for him the incredible voice of Armand: completely androgynous and haunting. A voice that we might think of women, and that it has already been heard in the title Canopy of their friends Polo and Pan. Pop anglo-saxon, a pinch of tropical music, Papooz is a resulting in an atmosphere that is decidedly seventies. “In our songs, there is the roots of pop music: the choruses and the verses, but the bass and drums take things to the grooverie.” Not sectarian, the two young men explain keep the ear open to other styles: “We were really interested in the rap scene but may be more to the first rappers such as Notorious B. I. G. and Tupac. It is our dream to be samplable by a rapper because like all musicians, we aim for the timeless can be reached only by trying to make quality.”

● Papooz at the Cannes film festival 2015

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