In the novel, René Fallet said that his character like Charles Aznavour. Pierre Granier-Deferre didn’t say two times. Adapting Paris in the month of August , it assigns the main role to the actor of Shoot the pianist . It is a summer in black and white. It is beautiful. His wife and children are on vacation in Concarneau. Plantin works in the ray fishery of the Samaritan woman. This small vendor in grey overalls, looks out of a drawing by Sempé. He dreams, walks hands in pockets, falls on a tourist English who is looking for the Pantheon. It is a party.

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Patricia is a blonde, dummy. She swings his bag at the end of the arm, wonder what the purpose of the French Academy, asks: “what is it, a bit?” They walk in the sixth district and their wandering is reminiscent of the wisp .

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We saw Paris, in the films of those years. It was a Paris a little desert, with the 2CV and …

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