All of that for that. When scrolling the credits at the end of Paris is ours, it is the first impression that comes to mind. And the more you think about it, the more the disappointment is great. After Laundry of France , a documentary of 45 minutes on a dry cleaner in nice, Elisabeth Vogler has put his bags in Paris in 2014 for filming-long course, spread over three years. At his side his friends Noémie Schmidt ( Versailles , Stingy ) and Gregory Isvarine, the main characters of the film.

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Anna and Greg live a tempestuous relationship in a Paris marked by a state of emergency. Transfer to Barcelona, Greg wants to lead his girlfriend with him ; she is not convinced and refuses. Twist of fate: the aircraft with which it had to reach the time of a weekend crashes. The young woman enters into a second state: any anxiety now, life is suffocating. With this story without pretension, Elisabeth Vogler wanted to reinvent the codes of the cinema. This will not be for this time.

A scenario is improvised, an interpretation that leaves much to be desired

Paris is to us was to be called Paris is a feast, the name of the novel of Ernest Hemingway, who experienced a new glory after the terrorist attacks of 2015. According to Gregory Isvarine, the film had been designed with “the will not to stay in a short format and “traditional””. Elisabeth Vogler has even chosen to write the script throughout the filming: they are four to sign it. And yet. The dialogues are hollow, improvised, often devoid of meaning. They sometimes take short Noémie Schmidt, who proved to be better in the video presentation of the project a year ago that in the feature-length film in itself. We hoped to be natural and true in her character tortured by a time anxiety-provoking. It is cartoon into young adult prose fiction by asking too many questions.

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Gregory Isvarine is in the skin of a self-centered angry. The character takes too often the over the actor to the point that we don’t always understand what he says. Impossible, for example, to know what he reproaches exactly Anna in the argument that opens the film.

Paris, a full-fledged character

if not always understand, the spectator may satisfy himself as to the beauty of certain sequences. Paris is to us was filmed with a device and means ultralight. Highways moving the airport to the streets awakened at dawn, the city plays a full role. Perhaps the best feature-length film. Paris is a feast, in the evening of the Fête de la musique, Paris cries after the attack on Charlie Hebdo Paris growls during the protests against the law Work. The detonations that shake is transformed into a poetic ballet of birds. In the middle of this city full of life, the characters are always lost and they will lose with them for good.

Paris is to us, directed by Elisabeth Vogler, with Noémie Schmidt and Gregory Isvarine, online on Netflix, from Friday 22 February.