The Paris Music Festival invests the unusual places of the capital, this year. Hugh Coltman in a corner of the Petit Palais, Rubin Steiner in the crypt under the parvis de Notre-Dame, Ignatus to the hotel de Lauzun on the Île de la Cité…. The event offers, for its fourth edition held from 14 to 16 march, thirty concerts in the places in paris the most atypical. Unique price of ten euros per show.

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“The luck of the music, it is to be able to offer unique moments. The concert remains at the heart of our value, a time when the artist will improvise and not to say the same thing every night,” says the AFP Ignatus. This singer, musician, offbeat, career, non-standard, will take place at the Hotel de Lauzun, a hotel particular to the gilding a bit faded when met end of the Nineteenth century artists from all edges of the club des hachichins, to experience the effects of this resin.

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solo piano-voice and soundscapes, Ignatus will be the link between the songs in his album e. pok with excerpts from a new of Théophile Gautier, where the writer, himself hachichin, described what is happening in these meetings. It will also be his haiku poetry, a component of his minimalist art.

Another unique moment: the duo that will form at the Petit Palais the singer Hugh Coltman and the guitarist Freddy Koella, versions of unusual songs, rhythm’n’blues Who’s happy , the album of the first product by the second, recorded in New Orleans. The Museum of Decorative Arts will welcome, him, Silent Piano , a sensory experience: the visitors are equipped with helmets will be able to walk around listening to a musician playing on a grand piano connected.

The young singer Apple will deliver it, his compositions, the melancholic fifty privileged at the Musée Eugène-Delacroix. The group electro parisian Zombie Zombie will be at the american Cathedral where the trio will play its repertoire and new experience, will accompany a choir of children singing songs of Patti Smith.

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No wonder that a musician as confusing and quirky as Bertrand Burgalat has agreed to be the new sponsor of this event. “It is a festival interesting, they involve artists of all styles and generations, and notoriety rather variable, with discoveries,” says “BB”.

“It comes out of the traditional relationship between the audience and the stage two feet above it, and I find it very interesting that we can take out of these automated playing in spaces which are not necessarily made for that,” says the one who will be at the head of its training, usual in the church of the Arts-and-Crafts.

“I realized that artists, of any aesthetic confused, were very interested in this kind of exercise,” says Marcelle Galinari, director and coprogrammatrice of the festival. “None of those I contacted has refused.”