Paul Lobkov have recovered from coronavirus

Journalist, anchor of TV channel “Rain” Paul Lobkov have reported that they have recovered from coronavirus, and today came to the TV Studio. That he is “officially recovered”, the journalist said yesterday in Facebook. “Everyone, take off their star kovida and refuse kovida permit. Ahead of Comedy on yield and cowicide me, soon I will cut their hair and acquire a decent kovid. Officially recovered,” he wrote. Today in the Studio “Rain” he spoke in particular about why tests and swabs can’t give a precise answer to the question of whether a person has an infection. “These are your time to time, it’s, you know, for Millennials, who believe in paper. The test is plus or minus 20% false-positive and false-negative results… that is 40%. With the same success you can throw up a coin. That is, I test recovered, but the important thing is that I recovered for KT,” said the journalist, adding that to go on CT is the appearance of symptoms. That Pavel Lobkov sick COVID-19, it became known on may 8. “I have been inactivated at work, no longer in the air on the order of the chief editor and was issued a medical certificate, which for its 40 years of service in the media, ever done”, he said then.

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