Penquin about the situation with Ephraim: Journalists

the Singer and composer Sergey Penkin has published an impressive post, in which he criticized mass media, which have “rotten, terrible, and disgusting” the idea.

According to the actor, in the history of road accident with participation of the actor of Michael Efremova “mediamir crazy”. Penquin admitted that it “hurts when he climbs the next wave of filth and inhumanity in this mediamira”.

According to him, Ephraim, “responsible for the death of man is a fact, he will be punished — it is also a fact.” But the incident also grief, reminded penquin. “Not only for the deceased but for the family of Ephraim, for his loved ones. For him,” — said the penquin, noting that “grief is not a reason for micheweni and ridicule, hatred and diatribes”.

He drew attention to the behavior of news agencies, which were actively informed about the details of the accident with Ephraim. The artist believes that the media lead specifically incriminating, because “viewers are interested in any details — what obletela they are, the better.”

“no sympathy, no regret, no remorse. There is only conviction and punishment. Mercy for the fallen — gone category. That’s scary,” concluded the singer in his Instagram.

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Jun 16, 2020 at 3:02am PDT

the accident occurred on the evening of June 8 at the house 3, Smolenskaya square. Actor Efremov in his car on the opposite lane crashed into furgit service delivery. The van driver the next day died in a medical facility.

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