Philippe Chancel, photographer: “The beauty and tragedy of existence”

“I’ve always liked his photos because they come to embody a humanity of feminine beauty by negotiating codes of fashion, such as by intrusion and by magic on glossy paper. Peter Lindbergh, it is the sculpture iconic of the woman walking right in front of it to make body to The walking man of Giacometti, where this meeting aesthetic [exhibited from 22 January to 24 march at the Institut Giacometti in Alberto Giacometti-Peter Lindbergh, enter the invisible , ED] . The man embodied that also. The beauty of a tragic existence .”

Philippe Chancel has led for fifteen years an exploration of sensitive sites on our planet, from China to the united States, via Africa and Europe. “Datazone is an invention that manages to encompass the most tangible signs of catastrophe: ecology traumatic de-industrialisation chaotic, reverse toxic …

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